Providing Strong Core Instruction to All Learners Using Effective MTSS Approaches - Jan 26 - Shared screen with speaker view
Kelly Mettler (she/her) Ohio University
I am not sure if you are familiar with the PAX Good Behavior Game. PBIS seems like similar work.
Ohio Dept of Ed - Jo Hannah Ward
I used to point blank tell children who I knew were using behavior to get attention that I appreciate when they ask for attention in …. way - usually that was enough to help redirect the habit of the negative behavior to get attention.
Kelly Mettler (she/her) Ohio University
Deb Telfer, UC SDI Center
Thank you very much Tim. We greatly appreciate your taking the time to be with us.
Michele Moore
I am so interested in how you have defined the work of the DLT and DIT to focus on your implementation. Did you use the District Capacity Assessment to inform your work?
Tim Lewis
The DCA is a great tool for overall planning, here is tool that is specific to PBIS - District Systems Fidelity Inventory — https://www.pbis.org/resource/pbis-district-systems-fidelity-inventory-dsfi-pilot-version-v0-1
Michele Moore
Thanks, Tim. We are piloting the DSFI with one of our districts. This pilot is taking district plans to the next level.
Ohio Dept of Ed - Jo Hannah Ward
you are okay
Ohio Dept of Ed - Jo Hannah Ward
There is still a lot of thinking out there that kids in tier three need an IEP to receive that support! trying to change that mindset is still a struggle
Tim Lewis
Check out the work of my colleagues here at University of Missouri (Delinda Van Garderen <vangarderend@missouri.edu> & Jessica Rodrigues <rodriguesjm@missouri.edu>) for Math Ed and students at-risk and those with disabilities
Tim Lewis
Consider accommodation strategies as part of Tier 2 supports at the high school — https://pbismissouri.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/CARS_Guide_2019.pdf
Ohio Dept of Ed - Jo Hannah Ward
that sounds like you are using the OIP well
Tim Lewis
Also explore the “hexagon tool” — https://nirn.fpg.unc.edu/resources/hexagon-exploration-tool
Ohio Dept of Ed - Jo Hannah Ward
I really like your focus on the Health of the system!
Robert White@UC-SDI
great work and a fantastic exemplar for sure!
Deb Telfer, UC SDI Center
Thank you so much to CNE for sharing the great work they’re doing district-wide on behalf of all children. And thanks to Tim for being with us.
Aimee Troyer, ODE
This has been so wonderful! Thank you all!